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Ponderosa Rig V2

Starting a new indy flick that happens to be a Western next Friday. Knowing from experience that locations on these can be unfriendly at best, I decided a cushy cart setup would not be the best approach. I decided to go full on bag for this. I’ll be able to be static quite a bit I’m sure, but I want to be as portable as possible at any given moment. I’ve included 7 wireless, my Comtek BST and this will be the first real torture test for the PSC RF Multi SMA antenna distro. I’ll be able to send signal to all the receivers via the standard whips when conditions are on the go, and easily be able to hook onto the sharkfins when we’ll be staying put for a bit. I’m nervous about the distro as it’s been back to the mothership twice now for RF amp defects. I banged on it quite a bit just now and it seems to be playing nice. I prefer the bigger BST in the bag when it’ll fit as the XLR connections are far less prone to physical noise and interference.


Ponderosa Rig V3

Ok, so the PSC Distro crapped out 15 minutes into the first day of shooting. Bummer. It’s still at the Mothership for the third time now. I spotted an Octopack for sale and immediately bought it and somehow the dude got it to me from New York during the storm stuff. Why I waited so long to get one of these is a mystery to me. Since selling my Venue I wanted to get a cart and bag friendly distro setup and this has been perfect thus far.


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