Stereo Generators and Screaming

It’s not not the cards you’re dealt, it’s how you play the hand…

With a proper process trailer out of the question, the talent today had to drive themselves. Two Joker 800s on the hood and a Kinoflex indoors, the one genny piggybacked to the rear was huffing and puffing something fierce. Let’s slap another on back there, howbouts?

Mom and Dad up front each had a line and then they (including the two kids in the back) all scream like banshees for several seconds. Alas, no room in the vehicle for the soundie so I had to do a set and forget on the 788t. MKH 50 up front covering Mom-n-Pop, Mom and Dad both wired (in case the gennies are really bad), and 2 Sankens in back to cover the noisy children.

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