The Real Win

Once again I got to saddle up with my friends at Gratis 7 and the Austin Stone.

This time it’s an exotic game dance called Texas Mountain Ranch outside Hondo, TX that is a backdrop for a series of videos helping men overcome issues in their life. It features Colt McCoy and Matt Carter, a pastor at The Austin Stone.

The hunting there is mostly deer and elk, but there are several exotics that call it home. I had a blast with the coatimundi, kangaroos, camels, zebra and jackrabbits.

Using mostly C300s, we shot a good deal of actuality and a couple of days worth of a sit down discussion in the hunting lodge that formed the main content of the shoot.
I had an SR on on C300 and sent a mono mix to it, using an onboard shotgun for nat sound. Jammed it and the 2nd cam from my 664.

A scenic week of good toil with great friends.






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