What started out being described as a three day process trailer gig became a two-day (day 1 was MOS) affair, with only the last day being on the trailer. The guy I usually work with was out of town so I braved it solo. Bad call. It was a largish shoot with a healthy amount of agency/creative, PLUS, as a bonus surprise, it was being shot in English and Spanish with two casts.
They requested earwigs for the kids only hours before, fortunately I had a pair of old school ones with the neck loop. Thankfully I had just enough IFB gack to outfit that earwig request along with Comteks for all the agency types.

Dual language meant swapping out the cast every time there was a different camera angle. We were shooting on on Alexa as well as an epic, the epic was for the interior shots. It was only supposed to be a one at a time camera shoot, but the process trailer day they sandbagged them with requesting to shoot both at the same time. That made for a really fun day for the camera guys.


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