Moore, OK 2013

Did some tornado aftermath coverage for NBC this week. Hard to wrap one’s head around such intense destruction. Interviewed some remarkable folks who were already picking up the pieces and moving on. Reminded me that I have way too many possessions. I should have built a small 302-based bag for this, the 664 was way overkill.

The Daily Show

Finally got to contribute to my favorite show. Jessica Williams came down to Dallas to shoot a piece about Cinco de Mayo. It aired on the 7th.
Long day but the segment ended up being a good one.



What started out being described as a three day process trailer gig became a two-day (day 1 was MOS) affair, with only the last day being on the trailer. The guy I usually work with was out of town so I braved it solo. Bad call. It was a largish shoot with a healthy amount of agency/creative, PLUS, as a bonus surprise, it was being shot in English and Spanish with two casts.
They requested earwigs for the kids only hours before, fortunately I had a pair of old school ones with the neck loop. Thankfully I had just enough IFB gack to outfit that earwig request along with Comteks for all the agency types.

Dual language meant swapping out the cast every time there was a different camera angle. We were shooting on on Alexa as well as an epic, the epic was for the interior shots. It was only supposed to be a one at a time camera shoot, but the process trailer day they sandbagged them with requesting to shoot both at the same time. That made for a really fun day for the camera guys.