Dealt in Chicago

Making the rounds. Stayed in an AirBNB-type situation that was really great. Newly restored two-floor condo in a great neighborhood. Perfect weather as well, tricking me into wanting to live there. The cold was months away. Richard was performing a ‘one man show’ version of his act at a neat little theater and we also spent a day sightseeing with him and his wife, Kim. On a downer note, my Mom had a heart incident in Chicago the week before on a three day trip and was still stuck in a hospital while we were there.



Dealt in St. Louis

First time in St. Louis since I was a kid. Like many cities, there’s a metro vibe developing, along with a hip food scene which we enjoyed thoroughly. Going into the Arch fully kitted out sucked as we had to go through an airport-like security line and I had to de-mic and re-mic everyone. The little car ride to the top was very strange.
We were covering Richard and Asa at a magic convention, mostly attended by middle-aged nerds from all over the US and some from overseas. Richard performed closeup and on a large stage in a ballroom, which is not at all the optimal environment to see his act.