Into Memory

Short films are always 50lbs of crap in a 10lb bag, kind of like reality sizzles. Too much to do, never enough time or $$$. They are very nice to enjoy, however, weeks later when the dust has settled. I was doing a solid for Derek Franzese, a AD friend in town. One-man band, booming and bagging a mostly four person ensemble cast. My 633 handled it quite nicely.



Donned ye olde Kevlar once more for two weeks in Nevada. I’ve always wanted to visit Las Vegas, but I swore somebody would have to pay me to do it. Fortunately I was not assigned with Metro, so I didn’t have to wade through a sea of drunken adult children every night. Just your garden-variety of DV cases and tow truck hijinks.
The passing of Bryce Dion was a tragic mess and it’s kind of amazing that nothing of this sort had happened in 27 years of producing the show. I had subbed for Bryce in Portland back in 2012, and I had only heard good things about him from police officers and other crew members.