Moontower Stuff

Finally participated in the Moontower Comedy Festival. Covered a stand up showcase at the Velveeta and then a strange iPhone app ‘branding experience’ at the State Theater, featuring different comedians and even Puddles Pity Party, which was probably the best thing about it.

633 again, with a UH400A for board feed and UH400A and 416 for audience reaction.



MSNBC Civil Rights Summit

Had the pleasure of a few days with esteemed news shooter, Jack Rayzor. We were doing live shots for MSNBC, including Chuck Todd’s morning program. The hill we were on could be none-windier and I found myself having to get creative to ensure adequate wind protection for the many folk we ushered through. Highlights included Graham Nash, Jim Brown, Maria Shriver, and Jesse Jackson, who wandered on to our little set to shake hands. It was a ‘pinch me’ week.

All wires with a boom in a zep for uh-ohs.


F1? FU!

Another Horseman of Austin’s Apocalypse, The Circuit of the Americas racetrack out by the airport, has brought untold riches to a few chosen ones here. Had the opportunity to interview one of the track’s designers, literally on the track itself. It was Kevin Schwantz, I believe.

Simple, two-camera setup, all lavs.