Crunch Time

Getting the Intramural band back together, this time it’s a 6 part series, produced by Rooster Teeth. Great cast, fun crew, we knocked out 167 pages over 33 days. I had Patrick Wylie and Oksana Smetanyuk as my boom and utility. Greg Armstrong covered the boom the last two weeks.







Nubian Queen Lola

Spent a couple days via Tyson Foods, who commissioned a piece about a very recognizable woman in East Austin, Lola Stephens. While running her restaurant, she also delivers meals to the less fortunate via the ‘Cool Bus’.




At long last, my friends Greg Kwedar and Clint Bently finally got to pull the trigger on their passion project. Using the badlands outside of Deming, NM as a backdrop, we told the tale of three Border Patrol officers having a very bad day. Regular temps over a 100 degrees daily.



Pura Vida!

First time to visit Costa Rica for the documentary Dealt. What a beautiful place! Pura Vida (pure life) is their national motto. We followed Richard and his family playing in the surf, boat safaris and stomach-rolling deep sea fishing.

My trusty 633, SRbs, full Rycote, and lots of sunblock got me through this.

IMG_2943 IMG_2984 IMG_0257



Back to my beloved West Texas to shoot a short with friends called ‘Dakota’. It’s a slice of a larger project called ‘Trans-Pecos’. Cold and windy windy windy.


IMG_2304 IMG_2337 IMG_2366

Beer Mile

The Beer Mile took place out at Circuit of the Americas and it’s a four-lap race where participants must chug an entire 12oz beer at the start of each lap. As you can imagine, there was puking galore. I haven’t been this artistically fulfilled since I was filming a Capybara take a dump in a bowl of water years back.


Jump Shot

Spent a REALLY cold few days in Laramie, WY, getting more interviews for the doc currently titled Jump Shot. It’s about the life of Kenny Sailors, a 94 year old man who is credited by some as the inventor of the jump shot in modern basketball. He has a life resume that reads like a Dos Equis spot. It was -18 at one point.



A candy apple red convertible and bilingual Santas made for a rowdy couple of days. Was happy to have Mike Swanner along for the ride. Got to use my new 8050 as a plant mic in a couple of interesting ways.  Really happy with how it sounds, as I had heard it was a little tubby.