Sing Sing Update #2

Our little film that could had its domestic premiere at SXSW. Colman managed to attend the Friday evening screening, even though it was his Oscar weekend (he was nominated for Best Actor in the “Rustin” biopic). I had to work that day but managed to make it to the after-party (which was a doozy).

Sing Sing went home with the “Festival Favorite Audience Award.”

JJ, Colman and moi.

Surreality Pilot

Reality pilots are a wild ride, as there are no templates established and things are just going to come out of nowhere to bone your schedule. I just finished a few days in Fredericksburg, TX, a little Germanic town of about 10,000 or so. We were following a married couple around, one of which happens to be a very experienced NY boom op/utility named Karl Wasserman. Having a cast member with those skills made things way easier, as he couldn’t keep himself from helping our cause. A lovely fellow. His wife, Tamara is a live wire and was super affable and fun to toil with, and toil we did. I personally turned in over 30 GB of audio from just the 3 days. 3-4 cameras at any given point, and 13-15 hour days.
Looking forward to seeing how they stitch this together.