Dealt – Hill Country Film Festival

Dealt strikes again! This time taking both the Audience Award AND Cinema Dulce (Best of Fest). Got to take my son, who happens to be the only ‘actor’ in the doc (granted, he’s barely in it, playing young Richard in a flashback). Still it’s his first IMDB credit.   🙂




The Ghost Fleet

Spent an incredible few weeks in Indonesia recently for the upcoming documentary: The Ghost Fleet

Lived on the Kurabesi Explorer and made our way along the coast of West Papua, searching for escaped fishing trade escapees.


img_1557 img_1453 img_1616

Nike Air

Fell assbackwards into a fun little shoot yesterday, where Nike landed a helicopter onto Westlake High School’s football field to deliver their new line of cleats. I also got to ride in a 2012 McLaren to get some sfx of it. Wow.


Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Nothing beats working when you are ill. I had to enjoy the photos I took after the fact. Spent a couple days here toiling on a segment for a PBS documentary commemorating the 100th anniversary of the National Park system. The Fall leaves were gorgeous and the weather was kind to us.

guadalupe_mountains IMG_6677


Right out of the narrative frying pan, time to go corporate. DellWorld was a large event at the Austin Convention Center, our little team was tasked with creating a 6 part minidoc. Met some cool folks and got reaquainted with downtown Austin, which I recognize less and less these days.