Sing Sing Update #2

Our little film that could had its domestic premiere at SXSW. Colman managed to attend the Friday evening screening, even though it was his Oscar weekend (he was nominated for Best Actor in the “Rustin” biopic). I had to work that day but managed to make it to the after-party (which was a doozy).

Sing Sing went home with the “Festival Favorite Audience Award.”

JJ, Colman and moi.

Sing Sing Update #1

Our film Sing Sing has been selected to have it’s world premiere at TIFF 2023 in Toronto. I had never been to Canada outside of a layover at YYZ. Loved Toronto — has all the amenities of a metropolis, but it’s clean and everyone I interacted with was friendly. I even got to take in a ball game.

We had a great screening and after-party. The best part was A24 acquiring it a week later!

(Photo by Isaiah Trickey/FilmMagic)

A film, on film?!?

The last time I worked on a feature that shot on actual film was back in 2009 (Five Time Champion), right as the Red One was becoming ubiquitous. We just wrapped an extraordinary project that shot in upstate New York, using an Arri 416. I was blown away at how quiet that camera was compared to my previous experience. The follow focus motor was more noticeable than the film cruising through the mag.

I’ll be able to talk more about this once they get further along in post, but it was the same folks who created Jockey and Transpecos.

me and colman edit

Oh, the horror!

Just finished up a three day run on a horror short called Unknown Caller directed by San Antonian Chris Kruse and DP’d by Clay Liford. Clay and I have been FB friends for a while but this was our first collaboration. As with all such projects it was besieged by location issues (road construction noise was a major blemish the 1st day) and a ticking clock, but we finished on time. The lead was a funny and feisty little gal named Kat Connor, who I hope to work with again soon.